Vintage Film Tells A Real Story

Barely into his 30’s, Vegas local Bobby Wheat has amassed one of the most awarded bodies of work in the world representing fine art photography in its most raw and organic state…ONE EXPOSURE on VINTAGE FILM. Bobby combines the unparalleled resolution of large-format FILM with the world’s finest photographic paper utilizing vintage cameras and long exposures to highlight color, contrast, and movement in his images.

With an old 4x5 view camera that he still uses to this day, Bobby spent many years refining his artistry in one of the last truly wild and untamed places on earth, the rugged mountains of Jackson, Wyoming. After years enduring the harsh winters up north, he and his wife Haley headed south to Vegas, and in 2011 Bobby opened his debut gallery at Tivoli Village. Now, nearly 5 years later, Bobby is one of the most collected photographic artists in the world, consistently outscoring and outranking the biggest names in fine art photography in the world’s most prestigious competitions, and doing so in the infancy of his career. Despite his success at roughly half the age of his contemporaries, Wheat's approach to his craft is one of humility, believing, "the mark of a great photograph is not what I go through to capture it. I don't pretend to be ‘one with nature’. I have found a great deal of hope in my life from surrounding myself with things I believe to be greater than myself, and I strive to tell those stories in a way that inspires others to live life with a sense of wonder."

While the world’s top photography critics are consistently giving Bobby’s work the highest praise, purchasing a piece of art is not about awards or hype. It’s about a personal connection to something beautiful. We invite you to enjoy his Downtown Summerlin gallery and see for yourself why one of the youngest artists in the industry has become one of the most respected names in fine art photography. Buy the art you love. It will inspire you for a lifetime.

“Be Original | Live Inspired”™

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