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Golden Night

There is no blueprint so to speak for a thriving presence in the middle of the desert, yet Las Vegas continues to create from within and make itself relevant on a world stage against all odds despite isolation in the middle of the Mojave.  This has been evident time after time throughout our history from the pioneers of the gaming industry all the way up to present times with our tourism numbers, exemplary community loyalty in the aftermath of horrific tragedy, and even our hockey team shocking the NHL in their inaugural season.  More than really any other city on earth, Vegas is an example by and large of a collective group of people with enough drive and resourcefulness to find their way in the dark, and continue to expand that presence year after year.  The strip from this vantage point really does bring all of the story above together in visual form...a self-contained streak of light in the dark.  And yes, this moon is real!

Live Inspired. Go Knights Go!

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Bobby Wheat Gallery | Downtown Summerlin

1825 Festival Plaza Dr. Suite 160
Las Vegas, NV 89135
United States

T: 702.569.7080