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With custom installations for major corporations including MGM, Howard Hughes Corporation, and Universal Health Services in Las Vegas as well as some of the most affluent art collectors across the country, the Bobby Wheat Gallery will meet with you to assess your home or office, and work with you to create a beautiful custom installation that will add an element of class to your space unlike any other high-end finish.  Contact the gallery to schedule your consultation. 702.569.7080.

An Art Purchase is About YOU

At the Bobby Wheat Gallery, Bobby's collectors and their enjoyment of an investment in his work are priority number one.  Purchasing one of Bobby's works is a very personal experience, a process that Bobby personally oversees as often as possible.  Bobby's gallery serves more as a studio rather than a retail location in which collectors and aspiring artists alike can enjoy a personal experience working directly with the artist.  With his passion to push the boundaries of FILM photography to new and original heights with original work, exclusive edition sizes, and extremely rare printing approaches, there is no better time to acquire Bobby's work.  The art buying experience is about YOU and can be a profound pleasure if done properly.  Here are a few things to consider.

Go With What YOU Love

Awards, accolades, edition sizes, etc. are all variables that can add a perceived credibility to the art you are considering; however, the number one motivator in purchasing any work of art should be your love and connection to the piece.  Art, like few other things on earth, has the ability to reach out to us and change the way we view and experience the world around us.  "It's not business, it's personal".  Buy what you love, and it will inspire you for a lifetime.

Early Acquisitions Are Always Better Than Waiting

The best time to collect the work of an artist showing great potential is at the beginning of the artist's career or when works are newly released.  In his early 30's, Bobby is already turning the heads of the world's top photography critics.  Bobby earned a gold medal in the world's largest competition, (PPA International) in 2013, topped by his platinum medal in 2014, and in 2015, he medaled an unprecedented 3rd straight year with a silver medal and became one of the world's youngest fine art photographers to be named a "Master of Photography" by the PPA, the world's largest photography entity for professional photographers, for his run of excellence over 3 consecutive years.  n 2016 Bobby's works Sierra Sunrise and Linear Antiquity earned him a Gold Medal once again in the PPA International making it 3 out of the last 4 years that Bobby outscored his leading contemporary from the Vegas strip 25 years his senior.  Join our mailing list to be the first to hear about rare promotions and unveiling events, and if you see an image you love, for heaven's sake, don't think about it!  Treat yourself.  In the gallery 9 year history in Summerlin, we have never had an unhappy client.


Throughout history, the most iconic artists are those who have taken their craft in a different direction while doing so masterfully.  While Bobby's early work includes many of the classic scenes--such as his Colors of June capturing the Moulton Barn in the Tetons, Lady in the Wind captured in the famous slot canyons in Arizona, and even his Summer Blues beneath the Scripps Pier in California, it is Bobby's willingness to break away from the commercial photography recipes that has truly set his work apart in the last 5 years.  Wheat has focused the majority of his artistic time and energy on exploring and creating new icons never previously photographed, and working with rare darkroom techniques dating back to the 1800's.  Bobby's journey as an artist continues to evolve with a commitment to removing hype and pushing himself and the boundaries of FILM photography to new levels of innovation and originality offering collectors groundbreaking artistic photographic works.


Fine art is different than decorative art.  When you spend money on fine art, you want to make sure as few other people as possible have what you are buying, being very careful when buying anything in large edition sizes.  One of the primary factors that has continued to make art collecting one of the leading symbols of social status is scarcity.  Bobby has continued to reduce his edition sizes as his career has garnered more attention, closing his early work editions after 100 pieces sell and limiting new release edition sizes to hyper exclusive runs.  Wheat works hard not to dilute his portfolio, giving great care to his selection process which is why a majority of the images in Wheat's collection have won major awards.

Art Pricing

Pricing varies depending on mounting/framing options, print size, and popular demand for each image.  For pricing on a specific image, contact the Bobby Wheat Gallery (702) 569-7080, or feel free to submit questions via the contact page.