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A journey into the world of art can be extremely intimidating.  Whether you are a beginner with no idea how to use the camera or a seasoned artist looking to take a leap into photography as a career, there are so many questions that can overwhelm you leading you to quit before you even begin from fear of failure, or even worse, to quit from frustration after you've already spent a fortune trying to begin with no direction.  Recently named a "Master of Photography" by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) having blazed his own career path with millions of dollars in fine-art sales over the better part of the last decade in a highly competitive market, Bobby offers insight into not only the technical and artistic side of photography to sharpen and fine-tune your skills, but deep into the business aspects as well from an incredibly unique perspective of an artist who has pushed creative boundaries to new heights while also having to promote his work to maintain commercial success as a gallery owner.

In addition to his ambition and drive that has propelled his own career, Bobby is very much an Artist FOR other Artists with a passion to inspire and help aspiring photographers clarify and move towards their own aspirations whether that be simply learning to master creative control over the camera or taking steps towards showing their work in a gallery setting.  

While there is no blueprint to success in any artistic / entrepreneurial endeavor, Bobby's consulting services offer seasoned perspective on many crucial facets to a career in art including but not limited to branding, printing and production methods, and artistic voice while shedding light on the major pitfalls that many artists face as they pursue a career in fine art.

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