It's hard to believe another year has come and gone here at the BWG, and we can't thank you enough for your overwhelming response to the drastically different direction that we chose to take in 2017.

While my platform happens to be in the fine art realm, our 7-year tenure here in the Summerlin area is not so much a story of personal growth, but rather a testament to the drastically underrated cultural depth here in the city of Las Vegas.  For a fine art gallery to start from nothing and rise to international prominence despite no affiliation with the major art markets in New York and Los Angeles is yet another example of our city continuing to re-invent and support itself from within in a way that is uniquely Vegas.

Here in Vegas, we do what we do, and nobody does it like we do:)  Here is to shattering more ceilings in 2018!

Live Inspired.

UPDATE January 1, 2018 | White Ladder (2017) 48x60 Original Acrylic on Canvas has Sold.